DudesterZon Prime (Membresías)


So far we’ve been very lucky to have some very consistent #dudesters, and to honor them we’ve come up with this “sort of” new and marvelous idea.

Ready?….. taraaaaaaaa!!

A Membership program. (It’s not new, we know, but benefits are quite awesome) for a monthly fee you’ll get:

A) 1 Tupack each week or 2 Biggies monthly with no forms and you go straight to the first spots on the weekly list

B) Priority at delivery and late take out (Saturdays after 5:00pm)

C) once a month you get to take a sneak peek at new flavours at group tastings and you can suggest flavours of your liking (if we use one of yours i’ll have your name on it)

D) The group, as a whole, can have access to special batches of old flavours (at an additional cost)

E) After 3 month you will receive either a cool T-shirt, an Ice Cream scoop or the coolest Ice Cream Tub. (we are still deciding)

There are only 10 slots for #dudesterzonPrime program and will be available by invitation only or you have to be referred by a current #dudesterzonPrime member.